Programme: RWEST Commercial Graduate Programme

Location of current rotation: Essen

I joined RWEST after graduating in mathematics at the University of Bath. I had previously completed an internship in a finance department, but at the time I had no clear idea of what career I wanted to pursue in the future, so I found the rotation possibilities offered by the programme really appealing.

The idea of being able to work in four functional areas within two years, to gain a comprehensive insight into the company and to get an impression of how the different areas functioned, inspired me very much. The prospect of being able to work in different locations during the programme – from the UK to Germany and Singapore – was also attractive because I am very interested in working abroad.


Hit the ground running

I currently work in the Sales Portfolio Management team in Essen. My colleagues are extremely committed here and make every effort to ensure that I settle in well and that I am prepared for future challenges. Last week, for example, we had an introduction that gave us an initial overview of the company and its products and told us what to expect in the course of the rotations.

Developing social competence

The graduate programme includes several soft-skill training courses where for example you can optimise your communication skills and build relationships across the company. Before the training sessions, each of us took a personality test to determine our individual working style. The results were used to develop a concept that best fits our personality.

It was very helpful for me to understand the difference between my own and other people’s styles of working and communication. All in all, it was a fantastic start at RWEST and I am looking forward to my first rotation.

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