Bianca Brewka

Programmes: RWEST Apprenticeship as industrial clerk

Location of current rotation: Essen

Right from the start of my training, I immediately noticed how friendly and open the corporate culture of RWE Supply & Trading is. Working here is a lot of fun. This provides support for an apprentice, especially at the beginning of their career, because the employees are happy to answer questions and ideas are positively received.


I am currently in my third year of training and have started my long-term placement in the back office of the Gas Balancing Services team. My area of responsibility includes examining the market prices of the “Gasunit Transport System (GTS)” in the Netherlands, Hungary and the Czech Republic.
My training is very varied, and I have had an insight into a variety of business areas including Human Resources, Commodity Solutions, Purchasing and the Market Data team.


My greatest experience during my training so far has been my one-month stay abroad in Swindon (UK). This was a completely new experience for me in every respect. Not only did I get an insight into risk management, but I also learned what it means to live and work abroad and was able to use my English. This has really helped me build up my self-confidence and to learn how to adapt to new situations.