Programme: Apprenticeship as Software Tester

Location of current rotation: Swindon

When did you join RWEST?

I joined RWEST at the end of July last year. I was very happy to get a place in the company after I was told that I had been accepted after working hard to secure a place at RWE. Since then I have met nice people, I have used many applications that I would never have used before and I have learnt new skills that will help me pass this apprenticeship.

What does your apprenticeship involve day-to-day?

My days as an apprentice include working on a project called BOCAr-X, which I am involved in. I participate in the daily stand-ups and report on my work. In addition, I start my day with the daily check of our RPA servers. Currently, I am working hard on revising a test automation framework for a new version of BOCAr-X and creating new scenarios for it. So far, I am making good progress and the team is happy with what I have achieved.

What part of your apprenticeship have you enjoyed so far?

I really enjoy working on BOCAr-X as a whole. It gives me great experience of what working as a software tester is all about and I get an insight into working in an agile environment. I get involved in all sorts of situations, such as creating and running manual test cases for the application, pointing out bugs and sitting in on the team’s retrospective meetings. I even met some nice team members who helped me overcome everything I was struggling with. Currently, I am trying to automate BOCAr-X and overcome the hurdles I faced in getting the selectors I needed for the programme.

What advice would you give to those thinking of taking up an apprenticeship?

Trying to get an apprenticeship is tough since you face a lot of competition from others who might seem better than you – I’ve learnt that the hard way. If you’re looking to get an apprenticeship, secure a place early before vacancies are filled and focus on the industry you want to work in. Also show that you want to work there in your interview and in the assessments you have to do when you apply. Try to stand out from the rest. You have more chance of getting your job if you are passionate about it and work hard for it.

What part of your apprenticeship are you most looking forward to?

I’m looking forward to all the future projects I will be involved in once I am done with BOCAr-X. I hope that being involved in many projects during my apprenticeship will help me to improve my understanding of RWEST and learn more skills that I need to complete my apprenticeship. All I can say right now is that my future as a RWEST apprentice looks bright.

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