Programmes: RWEST Commercial Graduate Programme

Location of current rotation: London

Although I completed my mathematics degree with a distinction, I only had limited practical experience. During my studies I briefly worked in a brokerage firm. Apart from that, I had only had temporary jobs, including McDonalds, a garden centre and a golf club. The highlight of my CV was my membership of a trading society during my university days. There I really discovered my interest in trading.

The unique selling point of the graduate programme was the flexibility it offered. Other companies’ graduate programmes usually have just one department to work in. At RWEST, you are given the opportunity to shape your own professional development and choose the focus of your work in the way that best suits you. In addition, a great experience for me over the course of the rotations, was to spend some time abroad.

Belonging to the team

In my current role within the Commodity Flow Desk, I have the opportunity to work with executives, board members and divisional managers from exciting companies around the world. This gave me the opportunity to talk about our products and services and to exchange ideas with other people. This requires in-depth knowledge of markets, products and services in order to give potential customers the best possible advice. Winning a new customer is a really great feeling because you’ve made a meaningful contribution to the team.

There are no stupid questions!

As a graduate, you always have many questions at the beginning and need constant help. Fortunately, all the staff are very helpful and give you the feeling that there are no stupid questions and you can always ask for help. The many former graduates are always ready to share their experiences. This is how I imagine a good corporate culture and environment where I would like to work in the long term.

In addition, a lot of trust is placed in us and we are given responsibility at an early stage, which means we are constantly growing. I’m already looking forward to my next rotation, where I can apply the skills and experience, I have already acquired.

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