Programme: Apprenticeship as Associate Project Manager

Location of current rotation: Swindon

What does your apprenticeship involve day-to-day?

My day-to-day life involves running of meetings, creating and presenting reports, ensuring everyone in the project knows what they are doing and why. As well as this I have to complete my apprenticeship work which mainly consists of independent research which links to my portfolio.

What part of your apprenticeship have you found most enjoyable so far?

Being a part of a team who have made me feel so welcome and integrated from day one. Straight away there was an ethos of no silly questions and being able to ask for help and people really wanting to help.

What part of your apprenticeship are you most looking forward to?

Having more knowledge and understanding of my role as well as being given more responsibility. With this I hope I will have more and more confidence in myself to make decisions. As well as this being given the opportunity to gain further qualifications outside of my apprenticeship.

What drew you to the energy industry?

What drew me to the energy industry was the idea of being able to work on exciting and innovating projects. As well as this, looking to RWE’s sustainability plans and the increase in their renewable energy department. 

What advice would you give to those thinking of taking up an apprenticeship?

To take every step of the process as an experience and to learn from it. The great part of being an apprentice is you are in the role you are in to learn, you aren’t expected to know everything so when you take every chance as an opportunity to learn on the job.

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