Programme: RWEST General Business Graduate Programme

Location of current rotation: Swindon

I am a General Business Graduate, I do four rotations of six-months each, and therefore join 4 different teams, of my choice, at RWEST over the course of the programme. Within the teams I usually work as an analyst, performing daily tasks alongside other members. Together with production tasks, I generally have a side project to handle in the team, which is based on my preferences and skills.

I have received training on both soft and hard skills. My soft skills training has helped me become more adaptable as I rotate into different teams whereas hard knowledge or background information is learnt on the job.

An opportunity you can enjoy

I started working in Swindon in the UK in the RWEST Back Office in an administrative role. Here I mainly focused on commodity freight (so big vessels!). Then I moved to Germany and worked in two different risk teams, looking over many other commodities, such as gas, oil, power, carbon. Today, my focus is on US gas.

Life at RWEST is great, especially for a Graduate. You have lots of freedom, flexibility and visibility. You are welcomed by any team and can focus on whatever you like. I think this company has an amazing work-life balance. They offer great flexibility in terms of your working hours. When you work, you work hard and it takes all your focus, but it doesn’t take all your energy and by the end of the day you can still enjoy your hobbies. The ability to focus my career on my interests is what I enjoy the most.

Acing your application

It is considered an extremely attractive job; therefore, the selection process can be a hard one! Out of hundreds of applications, just a few get an offer. However, hard knowledge is rarely a key factor.

Be open and honest (especially with yourself) about your strengths and weaknesses. Not having the best-fitting skills doesn’t mean that you don’t have the right skills for a job. Always show that whatever you lack, you can gain. And don’t be afraid to try twice!

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