Programmes: RWEST Commercial Graduate Programme

Location of current rotation: Swindon

Although I have always been interested in energy trading, my initial experience on graduating from Neoma Business School was in finance. During my two-year internship in Paris and London, I realised that I had one last chance to continue my career in energy trading and so I applied for the graduate programme at RWEST.


Open corporate cultures allow for more flexible working

The reason to apply for the graduate programme at RWEST was definitely the fact that RWEST is one of the leading European energy trading companies. But this wasn’t the only reason, because I was also enthusiastic about the open company structure. Since there is no hierarchy in the company, you can work much more flexibly and introduce new strategies into the trading market. This in turn is an advantage for RWEST, which can react more quickly to structural changes in energy trading as a result. It’s exactly the right company for me.

An impressive recruitment process

I was very impressed by the recruitment process at RWEST. The employees are ready to answer your questions and give you an insight into the company. This is particularly clear during the two-day assessment centre, which also offers opportunities to ask departmental heads and former graduates questions.

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