Yan Ling

Programme: RWEST Commercial Graduate Programme

Location of current rotation: Singapore

Every day I read the market news and keep up-to-date with market prices. Other than that, my daily tasks differ as they are more project-based. I’m currently in my 3rd rotation, working on a few exciting things.

As and when new storage auctions come up, I will discuss the storage valuations with the rest of my structuring teammates. We will then speak to originators and traders about the bids and market movements. If we get given the storage, I would be involved in discussions with the risk team.

In conjunction with gas embedded IT and Lead-in-Data teams, we are jointly building a front-end application for gas data visualisation that is faster and more flexible.

I am also working on analysing and discussing strategies for different countries with the relevant stakeholders to pinpoint potential areas for growth and improvement.

RWEST culture stands out

I love working at RWEST because it is both fun and intense at the same time. During working hours, everyone works hard, and it makes me very motivated to get things going. After work, or during less intense periods, we can all chill and have a coffee or beer. There are some colleagues that have become my friends and we hang out outside of work or on the weekends too! In particular, the RWEST culture stands out to me. People who are highly intelligent and experienced are always willing to take time out to share their knowledge. It creates a sense of belonging and a feeling of gratitude, which then further cultivates growth within the company.

I enjoy my job because it challenges me every day. The learning curve never flattens, especially because there is so much to learn in each rotation. I haven’t quite decided which area I want to focus on after the Graduate Programme but the beauty of the programme is that it allows you to explore different areas of trading in different commodities. Right now, I just want to do the best I can in every rotation and learn as much as possible from the work I do and the colleagues I interact with.

Joining the team

To ace your application, you should show genuine interest in the industry, role and company. You don’t need to have in depth knowledge because you can learn more on the job, but you must be willing to learn. I studied Chemical Engineering in university, so I didn’t learn about commodities trading in school, but I took up trading internships in various commodities, such as oil and iron, to learn more about the industry.

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