At RWE Supply & Trading, we have two strategic approaches, which provide the focus for all our strategic initiatives and define how we work towards achieving our ambitious financial targets. They are:

1. Drive Growth and Innovation

We are sustainably advancing the global growth strategy in Trading, Origination and Principal Investment areas, and working across business areas in Commercial Asset Optimisation and Commodity Solutions to develop innovative solutions for third party customer business.

2. Improve Organisational Fitness

We will continuously improve our efficiency and effectiveness, realising the full benefits of initiatives and maintaining harmonised systems and processes. We will also build our own capabilities to support the successful delivery of our entire agenda.


At RWE Supply & Trading, we believe that success is in the mix. By establishing and promoting an inclusive culture where diversity is sought and celebrated, and where everyone takes responsibility for ensuring that all employees are respected and valued, we will be able to improve innovation and employee engagement across the organisation.

To make sure we succeed in building a culture that is truly inclusive and diverse, we have set ourselves the following goals:

> Create, foster and sustain a working environment that drives creativity and innovation, encouraging employees to connect and share thoughts and ideas and providing the tools for them to do so

> Drive the ongoing recruitment, development and retention of diverse talent at all levels, ensuring we have the required capabilities and expertise to achieve our ambitious business goals

> Encourage employee engagement by promoting work-life balance and flexibility, and providing an opportunity for employees to excel in their chosen careers

> Ensure relevant initiatives, actions, and results are transparent to all key stakeholders


We have several women’s networks that promote the personal and professional development of women both within the RWE Group and, specifically, within RWEST. These include:

RWE Women’s Network – supports women in their professional development by offering regularly held events on company-related topics, which male colleagues are also invited to join. Once a year, 150 female managers come together for a Group-wide meeting, with sub-networks convening multiple times each year.

RWEST Women’s Sub-Network – is open to all female executive managers and team leaders at RWEST. Its goals include promoting professional development among female managers and making women in leadership positions more visible within the RWE Group.


Our senior managers and Board members engage with employees across the organisation through a variety of ongoing initiatives and channels. These include:

> RWEST Pizza Lunch

Around once every quarter, each Board member will invite a small group of employees for a slice of pizza. This is a chance for you to share your thoughts in a relaxed atmosphere, and ask questions about anything you are interested in or care about.

> RWEST BoardCast

The RWEST Board frequently share updates, projects and information with all employees via their live-streamed video BoardCasts.

> Supply & Trading Talks

Our expert colleagues deliver talks on a regular basis to provide everyone with more detail on how the business operates, and answer some of the key questions people ask.


Environmental protection is a critical part of our business, and we take it into account in everything we do. Not only have we made a corporate commitment to implementing environmental policy, in line with the policy of the RWE Group, but we also see innovative approaches to the protection of the environment as being integral to us fulfilling our economic and ecological responsibilities.