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When can I apply?

The application phases for our programmes start at different times. More detailed information about the application process can be found on the respective programme page. We recommend that you submit your application to us as early as possible. Due to the high popularity of our programs, we may have to close applications early.

When do the programmes start?

All graduate programmes start at the beginning of September. An earlier or somewhat later start may be possible in individual cases. Our Year in Industry programme always starts between June and August. More detailed information can be found on the respective programme page.

Where will I be working?

For contractual reasons, a base location is agreed for the graduate programme, which is either Swindon or Essen. We also offer Singapore as a base location for the Asia-Pacific market exclusively for the RWEST Commercial Graduate Programme and the RWEST IT Developer Graduate Programme. Depending on the programme you choose, you can complete placements within your rotations at our locations in Essen, Prague, London, Swindon, Chicago, Boston, Austin or Singapore. Industrial placements take place in Swindon or London.

How are the rotations selected?

Your first rotation will be determined by us based on your experience and skills. You can then choose your next 3 rotations with support from us, you can find an overview of possible placements on the respective programme pages, and exciting areas are constantly being added. Only the Year in Industry programme does not include rotations.

What further training do I receive?

At RWE Supply & Trading we take your further training very seriously. We offer you a comprehensive training package tailored to your interests.

How is the total salary made up?

Our remuneration is market-orientated and includes a generous bonus package and allowances if you have to leave your base location. In addition, we provide you with a company pension scheme and subsidies for membership fees for sports and social clubs. Depending on the base location, you can also look forward to private health care, free fitness studio memberships or a company bicycle.

IT professionals

Is RWEST it the same as regular IT?

At RWEST, IT is not just IT – because we distinguish between the classic IT area and our IPM area (Infrastructure & Provider Management).

Which IT jobs are there in the classic area?

The following jobs are offered in our IT area amongst others:

  • Business Analysts who understand the needs of the business units and translate them into IT language so that developers can understand and implement these needs
  • Application Developers, who implement the described requirements and thus develop various software for our trading business
  • Service Engineers who manage our databases and keep them up to date
  • Project Managers, who supervise and implement the IT-specific projects for RWEST
Which IT jobs are there in infrastructure & provider management?

We offer jobs for example in the following areas within IPM:

  • Unified Communication, which deals with our various communication channels, such as telephones, Skype for Business or video conferences
  • Networks & Data Centre, which ensures that we can conduct our business in the best possible way at that time every day of the year – even in the event of a site failure
  • IT Security
  • Data Centre & Cloud
  • Provider Management, which both manages and negotiates licenses on a strategic level and also supports and handles purchasing on an operational level
  • Customer Service Management, where our IT-related processes are defined and the necessary orders, such as software, are implemented
  • End-User Computing, who can be described as everyday heroes, because these colleagues look after our hardware and software and are on hand if problems arise
  • 24/7 Service Desk, which provides first-level support at any time of the day or night so that we can get back to business as quickly as possible
What exactly does the promise “closer to the business” mean for my job?

This is not only a promise, but the everyday reality of our employees in the IT/IPM area. Most of our colleagues have day-to-day contact with the specialist departments and can therefore act as quickly as possible, taking up and implementing requirements at an early stage. For example, some of our IT colleagues sit directly with our traders and analysts on the trading floor in order to ensure a smooth process and to be close to them. Others are constantly on the road to support us with our smaller and larger technical challenges. Ultimately, “closer to the business” means that the IT colleagues are inevitably linked to our core business model. They therefore do not fulfil the cliché of programming away in a quiet room somewhere. There’s a reason why the IT department is the part of RWEST with the most employees – both in Germany and in England.

Which team will I work in?

Of course, this always depends on the respective function and cannot be said in general terms. Fundamentally, the IT/IPM area is the largest area within RWEST – because without it nothing works here! At RWEST, we have a very flat hierarchy so that decision-making paths are kept as short as possible to enable the best possible success.

Are there any special training courses for IT professionals?

The professional and personal development of our employees is very important to us. Both line managers and our HR department can assist in finding a suitable measure so that every employee is guaranteed the training they need to perform their job to the best of their ability or even better. The range of seminars and training courses is almost infinite, so it always depends on the respective needs of the individual employee. At RWEST, however, we also place great emphasis on on-the-job learning, as this often makes it easier to transfer the knowledge into the actual work process. We have many great experts in various fields, so you can learn from each other. In our RWEST internal training academy, our employees can find a large number of training courses, which are presented by the experts in the departments themselves – so the focus always remains on the relationship to RWEST.


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