I am currently in the third year of my apprenticeship, doing a long-term rotation in the Back Office in our Gas Balancing Services team. I am responsible for checking the balances in the Gasunie Transport Sytems (GTS) market in the Netherlands, as well as the balances in Hungary and the Czech Republic. This follows a very varied first two years, during which I gained exposure to all kinds of areas including HR, Commodity Solutions, Purchasing and Market Data.


My favourite part of the programme so far was a one-month placement I got to do in our Swindon office. This was a new experience in every respect. Not only did I gain insight into an area I had never been exposed to before – Risk – but I also got to live and work in a different country, speaking a foreign language all day, every day. It was a great opportunity for me to build my confidence and learn how to adapt to new situations.

“If you have any questions then people are happy to answer them – and if you have any good ideas then people are happy to listen to them too.”