As a graduate, you are given immediate responsibility and treated as a team member from day one. If you want to take on more responsibility in a certain area, your colleagues are happy to help you progress. I’ve spent a lot of time developing new tools or streamlining existent ones in my current role. I’ve redeveloped a tool used for weekly valuation adjustments, and it’s really nice to know that the team will be using this long after I’ve moved onto my next rotation.


My team is extremely knowledgeable and made me feel at home straight away. They give me work in areas I find particularly interesting and respect any suggestions I put forward. We’ve also done several team events outside of work, which has helped me feel even more of a part of the team.
I think it’s relatively rare in this industry to have such a good atmosphere in the office. People take the time to talk to you and are open to questions.

“Be genuine throughout the application process. Interviewers aren’t just looking for skills and knowledge; they are making sure that you’re the kind of person they’d like to work with every day.”