My first rotation was in Performance Improvement, a small team focused on running projects to improve the trading and modelling performance of the CAO UK team. I was given a lot of responsibility very early on. I was allowed to run my own projects and helped with larger projects. I even visited a couple of power stations and got involved in weather modelling for station output, trading strategies, etc.

I’m currently on my second rotation based in the Singapore office, working as a trading analyst on the Asia-Pacific Power Trading desk. My main focus is trying to develop the company’s understanding of the Singapore power market which is in the very early stages of having a futures market. This is in addition to providing support and analysis to the main trading activities in Australia and New Zealand, looking at gas, weather and renewable developments to help us better understand the macro and physical market drivers.


Everyone who works here is really friendly, intelligent and willing to help. Apologies for the cliché, but it does feel a little bit like a family, where everyone has each other’s best interests at heart.

A large proportion of employees have come through the graduate programme themselves, and those who haven’t are aware of the benefits. There’s a general understanding that what they can help you with now will help everyone later down the line. This collaborative culture makes it a brilliant place to work.

“Come into the process with an open mind and try as many different roles as possible. You’ll know for sure when you find a fit and it will be the one you excel in.”