Developers at RWEST work in the heart of our commercial business

As part of this brand new programme, you will have a chance to become an expert developer at RWEST whilst working in our 3 biggest locations. You will develop and manage market data and systems for the trading business at RWE Supply & Trading whilst working closely with analysts and trading desks to provide solutions and support.

In every location you will be embedded within the trading team who you are supporting. This means you will sit close to our business and help them with daily decisions by providing the best service you can. You will also have support from an expert developer who will guide you and ensure you leave your mark on the team. Therefore we can assure you that your communication skills will develop so that you can form strong collaborative relationships.

Once you have completed your 18 months, your IT stack and your business knowledge will have vastly developed. The different IT languages you will be competent in will have grown, as will your cultural awareness of working in each of our locations. This will serve you well for the role & location you ultimately end up in.

Key facts and figures

Duration: 18 months

Placements: 6 months in each location

  • Swindon – Here you will work with our Coal and Freight trading and logistics teams. You will create, maintain and develop applications and systems which provide transparency of Profit & Loss reporting and improve efficiencies. Depending on desk priorities, you will be discussing requirements with Traders, Analysts and Operators and will be implementing changes in either the front end user interface or databases to provide high performing systems
  • London – In this location you will support the Gas Trading Team by providing a fast ad-hoc response to issues and requirements raised by traders and analysts. You could also be working on more efficient approaches to data analytics and setting up new systems in regard to systematic trading and analytics. You will also work with others desks such as Oil or LNG sharing your IT expertise.
  • Essen – Here you will sit on our trading floor which is the largest energy trading floor in Europe. Projects may include a wide range of tasks within our systematic trading desk, weather data analysis, Trading Software, Internal Markets, Risk Management and Profit & Loss reporting. You will work with the continental power trading teams but will share and gain experience from the many trading desks you will be sat amongst.

Start date: September 2020

Locations: You will spend 6 months in Essen (Germany), London & Swindon (UK)

What you can offer

Excellent Interpersonal & Communication skills

Basic knowledge of at least one of the following languages C#, Java or Python

An IT, statistical or numerate degree

A passion for IT development

Knowledge of the trading industry (energy or financial) is beneficial

Fluent English

Flexible and adaptable to move location every 6 months

Basic Database knowledge like SQL, noSQL, Key / Value stores is desirable although not essential

If you can tick the majority of the boxes above, then apply now. What we value most is passion, willingness to learn and a determined and resilient work ethic.

Real benefits

Tailored to your needs

Excellent work-life balance

International &
diverse working

opportunities &
location change

Complimentary drinks


Individual training courses

Attractive salary & bonuses

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