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May we introduce?

This is our very first successful referral couple!

No sooner had the programme been introduced back in 2018 than a first successful candidate was recruited following a referral from a friend.

It all started with a game of cards.

Denitsa Zheleva from Commercial Asset Optimisation CE Embedded IT regularly meets some friends to relax over a few rounds of cards after work. “On one such occasion we were chatting, and my good friend Lars asked me about an open position at RWEST that he was very interested in. Through the referral programme I was able to put Lars in touch with the right people at the company and tell him about the further procedure”, Denitsa tells us.

The friend she referred, Lars Niesen, was able to convince the team leaders as well as the recruiters of his abilities during the interviews and now works in Commercial Asset Partners at RWEST. Drawing on extensive professional experience in power plant resources planning and technical asset optimisation gained during five years with the Steag Group, Lars proved to be the ideal candidate for the advertised role.

But how did Lars find out about the open position?

“I have been friends with an RWE colleague for quite some time now. He used to work at Steag and when we met at Café Nord recently, he told me about the job. It totally matches my professional profile and after a bit more encouragement from Denitsa I took the next step.”

Lars has now been working with RWEST since 1 April 2019 and seems to be quite impressed with the company: “I have had a lot of positive experiences in this relatively short period of time and I like the way of working at RWEST. The trading floor is outstanding and working in the team area and the open office spaces never gets boring. Everyone has an open and friendly demeanour and this relaxed atmosphere is palpable throughout all departments.”

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