Programme: RWE Finance Graduate Programme

Location of current rotation: Essen

As a Finance Graduate, I will complete four six-month rotations throughout the RWE Group. This gives me the chance to get to know not only the different companies and their focuses, but also expand my network. You’re introduced to all the department’s processes at an early stage and will take on tasks and projects independently, gaining your own responsibilities quickly.

For example, in my second rotation, I was responsible for the economic evaluation of a battery storage project and interacted with a wide variety of colleagues daily – from technology to market optimisation.

I’ve received a variety of training sessions since joining the programme. Next to learning on the job while working on projects and daily tasks, we also have specific soft skill training sessions conducted periodically throughout the programme. In these sessions, we learn new behaviours and techniques, e. g. critical thinking. What I like about our training is that you’re exposed to techniques and topics that you normally would not encounter.

A programme you’ll want to get out of bed for

An exciting moment is always when the work pays off, and you see the processes or projects progressing and reaching key milestones. So, it was a special moment for me when, at the end of my second rotation, a final evaluation of the battery project was created.

Here’s how you can be successful…

If you want to succeed in the application process, make yourself familiar with the company. Who are we and what do we do? Are you interested in what we are doing?

Be authentic, be honest and don’t forget – application processes are bilateral, not unilateral. You want to find out as much as possible about how RWE fits your expectations of being an employer – so, ask questions!

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