Programmes: Apprenticeship as Industrial Clerk

Location of current rotation: Essen

It’s difficult to pinpoint a single highlight of my apprenticeship at RWEST because every day is interesting and provides all kinds of new experiences.

In-depth knowledge and experience in the trading business

I have already worked in four different departments since I started at RWEST. In my first rotation, I worked at Corporate Affairs, where I helped with communication and event management. My second rotation was in Purchasing, and then I moved to Commercial Asset Management. I am currently working in Controlling.

The various rotations have already enabled me to work on all kinds of challenging tasks. I also got to know a lot of colleagues and gained in-depth knowledge in the various departments.

Friendly corporate culture

I would describe RWEST’s corporate culture as very friendly. The work in all of the teams was a lot of fun for me and I was given a warm welcome from the beginning of my apprenticeship.

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