Programmes: RWEST Commercial Graduate Programme

Location of current rotation: Essen

I was already interested in the energy industry before I joined the graduate programme. I have a Master’s in Business Administration and Mechanical Engineering with a focus on energy technology. Both my Bachelor’s and my Master’s thesis dealt with questions about the energy sector.

For me, the most interesting courses at university were those looking at the interfaces between technology and markets. As I was particularly interested in energy markets, RWEST seemed to me, to be the ideal option. I was also given the excellent opportunity to work in different teams and at different locations.

I started my career in the analyst team for continental electricity markets. The team supports our traders by providing analysis, in particular for the electricity markets of our core countries: Germany, France, Belgium and the Netherlands.

I created a tool that our traders use every day

I am very proud that a lot of what I have developed in my rotations is still being used and is providing added value. For example, I created a tool that can be used to visualise price ranges. It is still used by many traders and saves them a lot of time.

Being able to rely on each other

My second and current placement is in the Short-term Asset Optimisation team in the gas sector. My team is only one part of the entire wealth-optimisation value chain, which includes the originators, the long-term optimisation team, the long-term traders, the short-term traders and the dispatchers. Since everyone is interdependent, it is important to communicate a lot with each other and to be able to rely on each other.

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